Callaway Apex Golf Hybrid

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Brand: Callaway
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Availability: Standard Spec Only - We strongly advise to get the best from this product you are custom fitted by an expert PGA Professional. To find your nearest Foremost Professional and to book a custom fitting, call 0800 500 3194.

Product Information

Callaway Apex Golf Hybrid

Flight control, precision and supreme shot shaping…

The Callaway Apex Hybrids are designed to expand your range of options around the course. Ideally suited to the needs of skilled players, the head is packed with technology to improve your ball flight and overall workability. 

The Science

The Apex Hybrids are developed with a forged face cup for high ball speed and accurate flights for top players. It is made from Carpenter 455 Steel for durability and distance, even from off center striking. It is extremely light empowering the head on swing for trampoline like distance from the face.

The general structure of the head shares features with the popular release from Adams and likely appeal to those having utilised higher faced utility clubs in the past.

It is the first hybrid designed for the specific needs of leading golfers. The developed internal standing wave is formatted to allow consistent and controlled striking. On address it is clean, sits well with a higher lip and specifically created deep milled grooves. The hybrid snaps through the turf with little resistance for precision performance on a consistent basis.

The sole features a larger smooth central plate with an elevated rear which generates club head speed when striking down on the ball. The adjustable weighting section on the base of the club also assists with balance and adding versatility to your round.

It is complete with a Kuro Kage Black Graphite Shaft which offers extreme tour tested support and precision hitting. As with all Callaway clubs, the detail is close and quality obvious from gripping through to striking.

Styling and Look

The format of the hybrids is perfect for top players with a seamless transition from iron play, maintaining the blade format and length with a centre of gravity found in a long iron.

The finish is a mat black design that adds style to any golf bag.

Summary of the Callaway Apex Hybrids:

  • Forged face cup for high ball speed
  • Stunning dark finish for great styling
  • Narrow blade like structure for consistent striking
  • Reduced Centre of Gravity
  • Kuro Kage Black Graphite Shaft
  • Each hybrid is complete with headcover

Get armed today with Callaway at Foremost Golf. We supply quality hybrids from all the major manufacturers, browse our selection and find your perfect rescue option. 

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