Callaway GBB EPIC Sub Zero Driver

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Brand: Callaway
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The GBB Epic Sub Zero's Ex-o-Cage and triaxial carbon construction save a lot of weight to maximise forgiveness, and combined with the option of a low-spin set-up it means it can suit better players with faster swings to higher handicappers who struggle with high ball flights, and everyone in between.  More details
Availability: Standard Spec Only - We strongly advise that to get the best from this product you are custom fitted by an expert PGA Professional. To find your nearest Foremost Professional and to book a custom fitting, call 0800 500 3194

Product Information

Callaway GBB EPIC Sub Zero Driver

GBB Epic Sub Zero represents a true paradigm shift in a powerful, low-spinning Tour-level driver that’s also very forgiving.  In fact, Epic Sub Zero is the most forgiving pro-style driver we’ve ever made. 


What makes it Epic? 

Epic Sub Zero’s power is based on our innovative new Jailbreak Technology, which fundamentally changes the way the head and clubface behave at impact to deliver more ball speed and distance. The key structural components of a metalwood – crown, sole and face – each bend, flex and rebound at impact. Because they’re connected, they influence each other’s dynamics. Jailbreak Technology creates a remarkably efficient relationship between these components to promote more ball speed across a much larger area of the face.


Jailbreak positions two ultra-light (3g), strong titanium bars behind the face, parallel to each other and connected on either end to the crown and sole. The size, strength and position of each Jailbreak bar work together to reduce how much the crown and sole deflect, forcing the face to take on more of the load created at impact than ever before. This results in faster ball speeds across the entire face from swing to swing, promoting more distance.


But there is more to Epic Sub Zero than just Jailbreak…


Interchangeable Weights to dial in spin and trajectory

Two interchangeable weights (12g and 2g) positioned in the sole at the front and back, gives the player the ability to adjust the spin-rate ±250 rpm (according to Callaway robot testing), the launch angle and MOI. Installing the heavier weight forward lowers spin; installing it rearward increases forgiveness and promotes higher launch and longer carry.


The cornerstone of Epic Sub Zero’s high degree of forgiveness is its advanced multi-material construction, which combines our latest titanium Ex-o-Cage with crown and sole panels made of triaxial carbon, an extraordinarily light and strong composite material developed by Callaway. A full 50% of the head’s surface area consists of triaxial carbon. The crown weighs just 10.8g; the sole panels just 7.4g.

Saving so much weight means Epic Sub Zero’s extraordinarily high MOI measurement is a full 42% higher than Big Bertha Alpha 816 DBD (when Epic Sub Zero’s 12g weight is in its rear position).

The Sub Zero’s unique head construction allows Callaway engineers to position the CG low and deep, which promotes a high launch angle and low spin rate -- the launch conditions that promote maximum distance.

Latest Speed Step Technology

Head speed gets an additional boost from the latest version of Callaway’s Speed Step technology, which was originally developed in partnership with Boeing.  Located on the crown, the Speed Step improves airflow to encourage more swing speed and distance without extra effort.

Great shaft options to suit all golfers

With the new Epic drivers, we are offering the most comprehensive stock shaft lineup in Callaway history.  We have offerings from the 40g class all the way through the 80g class, in a variety of weights, flexes and torques.  Driver and fairway wood shafts are interchangeable for maximum flexibility.

Diamana M+ Green – Mitsubishi’s first ever sub-50g Diamana offering.  Diamana has been a staple on Tour for many years, and led the PGA and European Tour in wins in 2016.  This shaft will be available in the 40g and 50g classes

Project X HZRDUS – features high modulus T800 carbon fiber and is offered in the 50g and 60g class.  HZRDUS has quickly made a name for itself on Tour and has been the #1 played model during the 2016-2017 PGA Tour season

Fujikura Pro Green – a popular choice on Tour.  This shaft features a stiffened mid and tip section for stability.  It is offered in the 60g and 70g classes and we expect it will be a popular stock option for the Epic Sub Zero driver

Aldila Rogue M•AX – new version of the popular Rogue series of shafts.  This shaft features a full length multi-axial carbon weave and plays with quite low torque.  This will be available as stock in the 60g & 70g classes as well as in the 80g class for the Epic Fairways


Features & Benefits


Increased Distance from Jailbreak Technology

A breakthrough innovation which dramatically increases distance by stiffening the body to transfer more energy to the ball.   


More Forgiveness and Lower Spin from Ex-o-Cage Construction

Innovative head construction that unites our aerospace-grade titanium Ex-o-cage with an ultra-light triaxial carbon crown (10.8g) and sole (7.4g). That allows improved perimeter weighting for more forgiveness and makes it possible to position the CG in line with the neutral axis, which lowers spin.


Spin Control and Trajectory Control from Interchangeable Weights

Two interchangeable weights in the head (2g and 12g) to adjust spin-rate and launch angle. Position the 12g in the forward position to lower spin and in the back position to promote higher launch and raise the MOI.


Faster Head Speed from Industry-leading Aerodynamics

The streamlined head incorporates our proprietary Speed Step, created with direct input from aerodynamics experts at Boeing, to improve airflow to encourage more swing speed and distance without extra effort.


OptiFit Adjustability

An OptiFit Hosel allows for further fine-tuning in the fitting process to aid precise shot-shaping and adjustment of lofts up and down if required.


Four High-Performance Stock Shaft Options

Diamana M+ Green, Project X HZRDUS, Fujikura Pro Green and Aldila Rogue Max in five weight classes: 40g, 50g, 60g, 70g, 80g. Each premium, tour-proven shaft enables fitting to dial in performance for every player correct through weight, torque and flex profile choice

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