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Callaway X2 Hot Golf Irons

Brand: Callaway
Callaway X2 Hot Golf Irons
  • A few significant technological improvements sees an iron that's 40% more consistent than the one it replaces. The increase in consistency comes via a stabilising arch in the cavity that is cast into the face, improving sound, feel, ball speed and consistency.

  • The arch divides the back of the iron into different zones so as to stiffen the face in some areas so you get stability as well as high ball speeds.

  • Callaway engineers also made the iron more forgiving thanks to a deep central undercut in the cavity that allows the face to remain thin all the way to the ground, moving the centre of gravity lower and more forward in the face.

  • The sole and overall front to back profile of X2 Hot has also been thinned to make it look less like a game-improvement iron at address.

  • The irons also feature 30-degree wide-spaced V grooves to maximise spin from the rough.

Always a popular player in the game-improver irons category. If you are looking for a set that combines power and consistency, then come and try a set of these.


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