Titleist 716 T-MB Utility Iron

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Brand: Titleist
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Product Information

Titleist 716 T-MB Utility Iron

Impressive performance with Bite and Trajectory…

The Titleist 716 T-MB Utility Irons are designed to offer incredible flight, distance and control. Packed with weight technology, they will provide serious armoury to any golf bag.

The Technology under the Hood

A thin, fast face provides speed and launch for more distance. High density tungsten is used to position the centre of gravity low and deep, allowing for a stronger loft. The result is high launch, low spin and more carry distance.

This weighting system is located at both the heel and the toe of the club head for perfect balance and encourages a smooth interchange on connection with the ball.

The muscle back frame with extreme tungsten weighting provides a powerful combination of forgiveness with high launch for incredible performance.

The head of the MB Utility Iron is larger in size and mass than the traditional AP2 from Titleist. This allows for greater forgiveness and control. The enlarged head also pushes through the turf for a remarkable initial angle on middle and long irons.

The Irons are complete with the successful True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel Shaft. This is designed to encourage faster speed on swing and generate higher launch trajectory and a higher level of control.

The sound is also dampened for a crisper sound and less vibration to generate less backspin and better forward movement, thus increasing the potential length of the strike.

The Styling

Titleist have been clever to merge the key features of powerful utility iron dynamics with the traditional blade formula of the AP1 series. This looks tremendous and certainly glamourous in any golfer’s bag.

The main attribute of the 716 Utility Irons is the solid strength created by the bigger flatter sole. This is apparent before you even the lift club and the secret to the success of this brand.

716T-MB Utility Iron Summary

  • Speed and distance from the thin, fast face
  • High launch, low spin for long carry distance from low and deep CG
  • More ball speed off-centre from the high density tungsten, high MOI design
  • Less turf resistance from the wide sole with camber and trailing edge relief
  • Fast, lively feel
  • Truer sound and reduced vibrations for a better, stronger connection
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT (Ascending Mass Technology) steel shaft promotes speed and launch in the long irons and control in the short irons, and features ascending weights from 112g in the 3 iron to 130g in the PW

If you are searching for a solution to inconsistent striking with limited trajectory, the T-MB Utility Irons are an answer. Ideally these clubs will suit players struggling to find distance from their middle and long irons. If you are a skilled player striving for more creativity perhaps the traditional blade Iron range from Titleist is more suitable.

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