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Electric Trolley Golf – Health Benefits Of An Electric Golf Trolley

Electric trolley golf is something you should definitely consider investing in if you play the sport on a fairly regular basis. A lot of people deem electric trolleys to simply be for people who cannot be bothered to carry their bag. But this is not the case, as they actually offer many health benefits.

There has been a considerable amount of research conducted by golf physiotherapists and other professionals in the industry to determine the health benefits that are associated with using an electric golf trolley. Firstly, those who carry their bag while walking the golf course are putting themselves at significant risk of suffering an injury. For example, the repeated lifting of a golf bag can cause musculoskeletal injuries. By lowering the cycles of asymmetrical lifting, golfers can ensure that the risk of back strain is reduced. After all, carrying a bag can twist the back and place strain on the all-important muscles. Another benefit of using an electric golf trolley is that it will reduce the chances of you becoming fatigued by the end of the round. Most people use an excessive amount of energy by carrying their bag around the course, which not only leads to more injuries being suffered, but it can also be detrimental to your performance as well. It has been shown that carrying a golf bag results in reduced clubhead velocity when playing. Thus, it is not only your health that can suffer.

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