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Foremost Golf Club Buying Group

Helping Golf Clubs Save Money

Since 1984 Foremost Golf has been instrumental to the Golf Industry; saving money on purchases through its preferred buying terms. A group of over 1,100 members, comprising of PGA Golf Professionals and Golf Clubs, Foremost is responsible for more than £80m of procurement a year.


Reduce Costs Not Service

With costs rising more than ever, it has never been more important to keep these in check. By saving 15-20% on bar and food purchasing, your golf club can ensure it maintains it service levels without compromising its full complement of staff.


Working Within Key Expenditure Areas

A rationalised group of suppliers have been approved to deliver your golf club savings in all the key areas of your golf club.


:: Finance – Banking, Insurance, Chip and PIN, Rate Rebates and Capital Allowance Refunds

:: Office – Stationary, Printers, Copiers, Club Membership & Handicap Systems

:: Club House – Locker Room, Shop, Refits, Cleaning & Wash Room Services, Uniform

:: Marketing – Email, Website, Printing, Consultancy

:: Score Cards – Cards, Planners, Diaries

:: Utilities – Gas, Electric, Telephone

:: Fuel – Diesel, Gas, Oil

:: Food and Beverage

:: Waste and Recycling

:: Course – Turf, Seed and Chemicals, Course Furniture, Driving Range Supplies

:: Course Equipment – Green keeping Tools, Machinery, Servicing, Clothing

:: Security


FREE Audits and Best Pricing Done For You

Our key partners will work with you to remove the confusion and often time consuming process of identifying the money saving opportunities across the whole golf club, via a FREE open book audit.


Taking our Solution One Step Further

In addition to the expanding list of Approved Suppliers, offering an excellent product range with a premium on customer service, the Foremost Golf Club Buying Group also offers other great benefits:


:: Consolidated Centralised Invoicing; take the hassle out of handling and the payment of invoices.

:: Foremost are not just a buying group, we are a marketing, retailing and services group designed to not just help with procurement but to help grow every area of your business.

:: With exclusive access to The Regency Purchasing Group we have a vast array of key food and beverage brands portfolios available such as Carlsberg, Heineken, Brakes, Stowells, Matthew Clark and Booker Cash and Carry. Our FREE of charge audit will show you where savings can be made.

:: Dedicated Account Manager; will assist you if problems occur with your invoicing, we don’t envisage there being any, but if they do you are supported.