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Galvin Green Gore-Tex Paclite Technology

Gore-Tex Paclite Technology is a membrane featured in all of Galvin Green outdoor waterproof golf clothing ensuring top level performance no matter the conditions.

Unlike the standard Gore-Tex formula, the Paclite concept is developed to offer an ultra-lightweight finish. It is primarily designed to offer extreme water tightness and genuine protection from the harsh British weather.


From The Manufacturer

The Paclite structure weighs only 280 grams in an average golf jacket making it unrivalled as a golfing option. It also ensures easy storage throughout the round and long term durability in your golf bag.

The membrane contains an incredible 1.4 billion microscopic pores per every square centimetre. Golfing scientist’s state these pores are thousands of times smaller than a droplet of water which ensures no penetration from outside the membrane.

Perhaps more remarkable, the formula ensures that sweat and internal moisture is released through the surface to maintain dryness even under heavy perspiration.


Extreme Comfort in Tough Conditions…

Every garment that features Gore-Tex Paclite provides breathability and flexible movement ideally suited for the golfing movements. Given the extreme lightweight nature of the material, it will remove doubt from wet weather golf and provide focus on ball striking alone.

The structure of the technology acts as a wind breaker to protect the wearer against harsh British golfing conditions. The material also allows the wearer to control temperature within the clothing and acts as a moderator of muscle temperature and performance.

High Quality

All Gore-Tex Paclite products come with a lifetime waterproof guarantee. It is the market leading concept in lightweight watertight clothing and popular across all the major professional bodies.

Add Galvin Green to your on course attire and experience the ultimate weather protection on the market. You do not compromise with your equipment so why fall foul of the elements?

As you may expect, the product is at the higher end of the market but justified with tremendous style and downright amazing performance.