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Galvin Green Insula Technology

Insula is a technology by Galvin Green, designed to retain body heat with extreme thermal properties. It is scientifically tested to link performance and muscle temperature where weather is unpredictable or cold.

The result is that a consistent level of thermal heat is created and retained throughout the round aiding striking and swing motion. This is often lost between shots or delays ahead.

How does it Work?

The garment includes built in air chambers that retains the body heat of the wearer for longer by preventing it exiting via the cloths fabric. These chambers resemble a waffle pattern across the interior that act as a superior heat barrier.

The fabric is thick and clings to the body allowing smooth movement whilst maintaining supreme comfort at all times. The closeness of the material against the body works to react with the internal heat from the body and merge to consistent stage.

Insula clothing is often combined with additional textures and layers such as Windstopper and Gore-Tex to offer complete protection from the elements. It is now widely used across the world by professionals and amateurs alike.

Protect your body temperature this golfing season with Galvin Green and focus on your game, not the weather.