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Galvin Green Skintight Compression Technology

Galvin Green are market leaders in golf wear technology and specialise in enhancing fabric features. Their most recent concept, Skintight Compression Technology (SCT) for Golf Baselayer Clothing is designed to take performance to a new level of excellence.

It is specially created to enhance golfer’s circulation, increase body stamina and generate improved posture. This compression technology has already transformed the fortunes of the British Cycling Team that swept the board at the London Olympics’ producing no fewer than 15 World Records in the process.


So how does it work?

The key word is indeed compression; working with oxygen levels and blood flow within muscles. It generates closeness and heat release that maintains strong performance for longer.

It features anti-bacterial technology to ensure ongoing freshness and maximises breathability (Thermo Regulation) for constant comfort.

Although it functions closely with muscles groups and oxygen in the body it provides tremendous freedom of movement, encourages free swinging and top performance in every sense.


Market Leading

Galvin Green have transferred the winning formula from cyclists and swimmers to the world of golf. As a result a truer more accurate performance is available by maximising your body potential each and every swing.

It is already making waves on the major professional tours so expect Skintight Compression Technology to be around for the foreseeable future.

Find a new level of golf with Galvin Green this season.