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Galvin Green Skintight Fresh Technology

The Skintight Fresh range from Galvin Green is exclusively designed to work as an undergarment, monitoring temperature and releasing unwanted moisture.

There is little point utilising Gore-Tex outer layers if moisture cannot escape from the base layers closest to the skin. This technology ensures total removal of sweat from skin level.



The latest polyamide yarns are used in the manufacture of the fabrics. These are designed to remove unwanted moisture from the body and carry it away from the skin to prevent irritation and discomfort.

It also features permanent bacteriostatic properties which maintain the body's bacteria at a completely natural level. These bacteriostatic elements are designed to only remove ‘bad’ bacteria retaining the healthy specimens aiding the elimination of bad odour. 



These Galvin Green garments are designed to offer extreme breathability and not restrict body movement. This ensures they are perfect underwear for the golf course and the needs of all players.

This technology is used outside of the course and is ideal for outdoor pursuits.