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Galvin Green Ventil8 Technology

Ventil8 is a revolutionary technology from Galvin Green designed to remove the uncomfortableness of perspiration and heat within warm weather golfing attire.

It is created via fibre integration to allow moisture to distribute over a larger area and thus encourage prompt evaporation. It is regarded as a leading technology in body venting across the golf community.


The Technology

The garments are designed with scientific Anti-Microbe Technology to prevent bad odours and maintain a freshness throughout your round.

The introduction of Stretch Poly Fabric also combines comfort with key muscle performance to ensure free swinging at all times. 

The whole concept of the system is developed to allow fantastic levels of breathability at all times. The result is that moisture is transferred away from the body twice as quickly as regular polyester without the unwanted damp patterns. 



Ventil8 is used exclusively by Galvin Green and features in golf shirts, trousers and shorts. It is popular across the golfing planet and used by a number of top professionals on tour.

The material is designed to be long lasting and not fade after initial washes making it highly desirable to the golfing market.

Avoid irritation and embarrassing odour this summer, get dressed with Galvin Green.