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Galvin Green Windstopper Technology

The Windstopper membrane is created to do exactly what the name suggests…

It has the bespoke character to eliminate penetrating winds and maintain body temperature no matter the extreme nature of the gusts. With lightweight qualities and flexibility, windshirts will support your game and build confidence encouraging free movement in bad weather.


From the manufacturer

The principle of the technology is a combination of laminated membrane and an outer lightweight textile layer. This provides strength and a barrier against the wind before it reaches the body.

It is made from durable polymer ePTFE (or polytetrafluorethylene to the avid scientist). This expands to generate a microporous structure which is estimated to be 900 times larger than average vapour perspiration. This allows moisture to be released from the interior of the material to maintain dryness and temperature.

The laminated sheeting is a genuine barrier against the wind forming a complete a solid wall.


Convenient Wear

The garment is designed to be worn under an external rain jacket or in dry conditions, as the primary exterior layer. It is not formatted to combat ingress in the same manner as the famous Gore-Tex membrane but often utilises with it.


Revolutionising Golf Wear

The Windstopper technology by Galvin Green is widely used by professionals and serious players across the world. It is specifically created for golf use and excels in its mission.

Prepare for the climate this season with Galvin Green.