Game Golf Tags - Android Exclusive

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Game Golf Tags - Android Exclusive

See your game in real-time with the Android-exclusive GAME GOLF Tag set. You get instant insight on how you hit every shot. Simply attach the GAME GOLF NFC tags to your clubs and record each shot using your Android phone without having to take it out of your pocket. All you need to bring is your “A" game.


18 NFC tags to attach to your clubs




Android enabled

GAME GOLF Tag Set leverages Android NFC-Tagging technology. Just touch your club to the NFC-reader on your Android phone before or after each shot, and let the tracking begin. Check the list of devices to see if your Android is supported.

Hyper-accurate rangefinder

Our mobile app’s GPS-enabled rangefinder gives you pinpoint accuracy, so you get yardages off the tee, center, and front and back when approaching the green. As you play each hole, it knows where you are so you can check distances to hazards or landing areas.

Bring your game anywhere

With geo-fenced tee boxes, fairways, bunkers and greens on over 36,000 golf courses, you can use GAME GOLF anywhere in the world.

Get access to

  •          Automatic game tracking
  •          Shot detection
  •          Club performance
  •          Shot dispersion
  •          Fairway accuracy
  •          Green in regulation
  •          Number of putts
  •          Sand saves
  •          Scrambling percentages
  •          Benchmarking
  •          Challenges
  •          Social sharing
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