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Golf Bags – How To Buy The Right Bag For You


Golf bags are either a boring necessity of the game we play, or a wonderful opportunity to get some great new gear. Whichever way you look at it, golfers need a bag to carry around all that equipment. When you make that purchase, you might as well invest in a quality product. But golf bags have come a long way from their traditional function. They used to be simple sling over the shoulder jobs, but now there are all sorts of varieties with varying degrees of complexity. So how should you go about choosing the right bag for you at the golf shop?


The Basics You’ll See At The Golf Shop


The first thing to familiarise yourself with are the basic types of golf bags available at any good golf shop. The biggest type of golf club bag is the tour bag. This bag is named after its use, primarily by professionals. You will find a lot of high-end designer golf bags of this type and they are essentially the Rolls Royce of golf bags. Flash though they may be however, if you can’t afford to pay a caddy and wish to carry your own clubs, this one might not be for you. The most popular type used by club golfers are certainly carry bags, which are quite a lot cheaper than tour bags. They are generally lighter and more practical while still carrying a full complement of 14 clubs. A lot of carry bags come with double straps to evenly distribute the weight across your back. Some come with a stand, so that when resting, your clubs don’t get dirty. If you go for a stand bag, do check the quality of the stand legs, to ensure that you don’t end up with a load of dropped gear. If you aren’t into carrying your bag, a cart bag will do you just fine. Designed with a sturdy bottom, many of the best golf cart bags will also come with extra pockets to carry additional equipment and personal items. On top of this, there are quite a few other more specific types of bags, travel bags and Sunday bags for example. When you look for a good golf shop, make sure they stock a complete range of options.


Things To Look Out For With Golf Club Bags


Once you’ve decided on the type of bag suited to your needs, look out for the best representative of the category. Whether you’re looking for women’s or mens golf bags, these features are universal things to look out for. As you might expect, of primary importance are pockets. Bags are meant to carry things after all. You will need accessory pockets for balls, tees and the like. Most bags will have these in abundance but it pays to check. You will also need secure pockets. These pockets are better designed to stow your valuables away, so that they don’t get in the way of your game and you can guarantee their safety. These are usually inside pockets, kept away from the abrasive edges of the bag. Waterproof pockets are a must-have if you’re dedicated enough to play even in the rain. On golf club bags nowadays, you can even get features like thermal pockets, designed to keep your beverages either warm or cold while you play. Also of great importance is design. Apart from variations in pockets, the biggest differentiation between golf bags is their design features. This will mostly come down to a question of personal preference, but you should consider things like whether or not you would like to keep certain clubs separate. You can buy full-length dividers or more modest dividing sections. Also look out for the big brands in golf bags, as they are often a guarantee of quality. But where to start looking? You can find all this variety for great prices at Foremost Golf.


Buy Affordable, Top Quality Golf Bags At Foremost Golf


At Foremost Golf, we pride ourselves on being a golf shop which stocks a fantastically broad range of equipment. Whichever golf club bag you end up choosing, you can be sure that you can find it at a bargain price amongst our incredible range of golf bags. If you want to take a look for yourself, why not head to and check out our range of great golfing equipment? We can guarantee that we stock a bag for every taste and requirement. If you have any enquiries on finding the best one for your needs, please call +44 (0) 800 500 3194.

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