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Golf Balls Titleist – Technical Factors To Bear In Mind

Golf balls Titleist are an industry leader. This brand has long been at the forefront of golf equipment and apparel, and they have received a lot of recognition for their golf balls in particular. When choosing a golf ball, you are obviously going to consider the likes of price and design. But there are also technical factors to bear in mind as well.

There is a huge array of Titleist golf balls to choose from. Considering the technical factors is vital to ensuring that you choose the right golf ball for your game. Firstly, you need to consider the trajectory, or the flight, of the ball. This is something that will be determined by the cover and the design of the golf ball, as this has a direct influence on the launch angle, i.e. whether the ball will have a lower or a higher flight. The next technical factor to look at is the spin rate of the ball. You have low, mid and high spin balls to choose from. Most players have a tendency to choose mid spin balls, as they fall in between the two. Aside from this, the feel of the ball is important. Once you have played for a while, you will know what feel is right for you. However, when you first start out, you are advised to stick with a hard ball, as they will offer excellent distance. When you start to progress, you may find that a softer ball is right for you because it gives more feel. Finally, durability is always an important consideration when buying a golf ball in golf shop. You want a ball that is made to last.

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