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Golf Balls – A Buying Guide


Golf balls are at the front line of golfing equipment needs. Ball technology is changing rapidly and some people lament the way ball design is changing the basic game of golf. Ultimately though, golf continues to be a game dominated by the need for accuracy rather than purely distance. Either way you look at it, golf ball technology has progressed as quickly as golf club tech over recent decades. Picking the most appropriate ball at your golf shop can give you a massive advantage in your game. Of course, most golfers tend to rely on one selected brand, but there are a range of important considerations to be made when buying a set of new golf balls. Here are just a few.


Types Of Golf Balls Available At The Golf Shop


The main factor to consider is the way your golf ball is constructed. Technology has advanced tremendously over the game’s history, and this is reflected in the array of balls available. Here are the five basic types to bear in mind when looking for golf balls for sale UK. Ideally, you want to find a golf shop that sells all of these options. To start off with, one-piece golf balls are the simplest available and because of this, are both the least expensive to produce and cheapest to buy. These are mainly for beginners, used on driving ranges or at the crazy golf course. You would rarely use these as a playing ball, as they simply are not capable of travelling at the distances needed on the golf course. The two-piece ball is the next step up. Callaway produce a lot of great two-piece balls, and they are the most popular choice amongst ordinary golfers. The solid core of the ball is typically high energy resin with a cut proof blended covering. They travel and roll a greater distance than most balls and are practically indestructible. Three-piece golf balls are softer; and they offer a lot more spin, which means a more experienced golfer is able to yield more control over the direction and flight of their ball. Four-piece balls are where we start getting quite advanced. Each layer in a four-piece combines to allow a long hitting, soft-feeling golf ball. A TaylorMade golf ball was the first five-piece ball, and this option offers the most spin control. The type of ball largely depends on the level of game you’re playing, but there are other factors to consider too.


What To Consider When Purchasing Golf Balls Online


When you’re buying golf balls and golf clothing online, there are certain considerations to be made so as to ascertain the right golf ball for you. The first and most obvious is price. A good golf shop will offer a large range of price options, from the most advanced and expensive balls to the cheapest and the most disposable. You simply need to think about how many golf balls you tend to lose on the course, as this is the first factor in buying the right ball for you. There is always the option of buying cheaper, wholesale golf balls if you tend to lose many during the course of a game. Compression is a big consideration in choosing the right ball, as it measures the deflection of a golf ball when struck. Lower compression balls tend to offer more distance while higher compression golf balls offer far more control. Your decision should essentially be based on your honest approval of your swing. If you are a better player who can produce faster swing speeds, a higher compression ball will offer you more control. You should try out a variety of brands to start with, so find a shop that supplies the big names like Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist Pro and Srixon. However, once you have tried a range of brands, make sure you make a decision about which to stick with, as changing your ball on the course all the time won’t help your game. Foremost Golf is a good shop that stocks these names at very reasonable prices.


Best Value Brand Golf Balls At Foremost Golf


At Foremost Golf, we stock a full range of the big brand name golf balls, from Titleist Pro through to Callaway and TaylorMade. All these balls are sold at discount prices, so that you can try out a variety of balls and decide which best suits your game. We sell a variety of types, from simple one-piece to complex advanced tech balls. Our aim as a golf shop is to provide the range and advice necessary to help you make the best golfing decisions. To see our full stock list, go to our website, You can also call +44 (0) 800 500 3194 or email us at if you have any questions you’d like to ask.

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