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Golf Cart Bags For Sale – Common Features On Golf Bags

Golf cart bags for sale in golf shop vary hugely in terms of their look, design, type, price and size. It is important to do your research so that you have the prior knowledge needed to purchase the perfect golf bag for your requirements. One of the key things you need to look at is the features of the bag. Read on to discover more about some of the most common ones.

The vast majority of golf bags will feature some type of external towel holder, such as a clip, ring or loop. This enables you to keep your towel out ready so that you can wipe the debris or dirt off your clubs before you put them back into your bag. Another feature is a rain hood, which does not come with all bags but can be a useful feature to ensure your clubs are protected from the weather. A putter well is a common feature of most bags, which is a separate compartment that has the purpose of preventing your putter from causing damage to the shafts of your other clubs. This is particularly beneficial for those that use a big putter grip. You should also take a look at the number of dividers in the bag. Some bags have a large number of dividers, as many as 14, which allows an opening for each allowable club per set. Other bags, on the other hand - particularly carry bags - have no dividers at all. It’s also wise to look at where the handles, straps and pockets are placed when purchasing a golf bag.

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