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Golf Clothing Ladies – Dressing For The Dress Code

Golf clothing ladies styles have advanced rapidly in golf shop for over the years. This falls in line with the fact that people are more style conscious about what they wear on the course than they ever have been. However, it is important to recognise that there are still rules and regulations in place regarding what you can and cannot wear when playing golf.

A lot of people overlook the fact that a lot of golf courses have dress codes in place when it comes to the types of golf clothing that can be worn at their venue. The last thing you want is be turned away from playing a round of golf because you are wearing something that is deemed inappropriate. The most vital thing to recognise is that dress codes differ from venue to venue; some are relaxed and some are quite strict. This is why it is a good idea to check the company’s website before you leave for a day of golf to ensure that you are not wearing something that would result in you being prohibited from entering. It is worth noting that in most cases, you will not be allowed in a venue if you are wearing shorts or a golf skirt that is deemed too short. You should make sure they fall by your knee. Aside from this, other items on the non-permitted list tend to include jeans, any clothing that features big logos, T-shirts with big round necks, and rugby and football shirts.

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