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Golf Clothing – A Guide To Golf Apparel


Golf clothing has become a fashion in its own right, and these days, you’re just as likely to find someone wearing golf apparel at home as you are on the course. But golf apparel started off on the green, and wearing the right clothes is important when playing golf. This is not least because golf is a sport, and finding the right clothing can affect your game. There is a huge a range of options when it comes to buying golf clothing. You might not even know which items are essential and what you are expected to wear on the golf course. Here are a few things to consider at the golf shop.


What To Buy At The Golf Shop


Finding the right golf clothing is essential to playing in comfort and style. But what are the different types of golf clothing on the market and when should you buy what? Different golf courses will require different sorts of golfing apparel and electric golf trolley. Starting with the top, virtually all golf tops feature a collar of some sort. There are no significant differences between women’s and men’s tops, though women’s are often more fitted. On top of the golf shirt, you can wear a golf jumper or golf jacket, according to the weather. When the weather turns cold, it might be time to find a golf coat. Look for a waterproof jacket rather than one simply labelled water resistant. When it comes to looking for golf clothing online, you will also need to find golf shorts or trousers. Women can wear long trousers, shorts, golf skirts, or skorts. Skorts are shorts that look like skirts and provide comfort and style. Skirts should generally be no more than four inches above the knee, as many courses do not allow very revealing shorts. Similarly, for men, most private clubs expect long trousers with a tucked-in shirt, or will limit shorts to Bermuda style shorts. Gloves are one of the more practical aspects of golf apparel and should be carefully considered. When the sun is out, or even when it is not, it is also conventional to wear a good golf hat. So, now you have an understanding of what you might need to buy at golf clothing shops, it’s time to turn to the question of quality.


The Benefits Of The Best Golf Clothing And The Trusted Brands


Once you have decided which items of golf clothing apparel would suit your course, you should begin your search for the best golf clothing. But what constitutes a quality piece of golf wear? As with all sports-related clothing, comfort is of foremost importance. You should look for something that is specially designed for the game of golf. This is why buying from the major brand names, like TaylorMade and Callaway is recommended. A pro golfer will want the maximum flexibility possible, to ensure freedom on their swing. While walking around for so long it is also essential that you feel comfortable and at ease. If you buy golf clothing that is light and breathable, this will help you focus all your attention on the game. Similarly, in sunny weather, you will want clothing that offers decent sun protection. Of course in golf waterproof clothing is unfortunately also a must for most of the year. If you’re playing year-round, you probably need fully waterproof kit, rather than just shower-proof or water-resistant. You also need a lightweight material that offers protection, sweat absorption and breathability. Finally, you still want to look good. Find a golf shop that offers a range of lifestyle brands as well. As already mentioned, golf clothing has become a fashion in its own right, and you might want to buy a few quality brand names like Tommy Hilfiger and Sunice to add to your golfing wardrobe. You can find all these quality brands at a great price on websites like Foremost Golf.


All The Best Golf Clothing At Foremost Golf


With a golf shop like Foremost Golf, you know you are receiving the best deal on quality golf clothing. We offer a massive selection on all the major brands, like TaylorMade and Callaway. We also stock a wide range of lifestyle brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Sunice. You can guarantee quality and freedom of choice at an incredibly reasonable price when you shop with us. If you want to take a look at our full range, just check out out website at, You can call +44 (0) 800 500 3194 or email us at if you have any enquiries, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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