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Golf Clubs Drivers – What Materials Are Drivers Made From?

Golf clubs drivers are available in abundance, with many different models and shapes to choose from. When purchasing a driver in a golf shop, there is a lot to consider, and one aspect you need to look at carefully is the material that has been used to make the driver. Read on to discover more.

The material the driver is made from is especially important when you consider that the aim is always to hit the ball as hard as you can. Preferably, you want to hit the ball down a fairway, not into the trees! Thus, you need a material that gives you the ability to generate a lot of power. Because of this, you will find that the vast majority of golf drivers are made from carbon composite or/ and titanium. These materials are beneficial because they are lighter than steel, which makes it easier for the golfer to swing the club and gain the level of accuracy required. They also allow manufacturers to make a big head, with 460cc being the biggest that is permissible. These clubs have an excellent sweet spot. One thing to note is that a trampoline effect occurs when the driver makes contact with the ball. Basically, on impact, the face will ‘give’ slightly, but it recovers itself in a second. You are not allowed anything above 0.83 in terms of the Coefficient of Restitution. This ensures the rebound speed is not too high. Clubs above this level are not manufactured anymore, but they may be sold, highlighting the importance of choosing a premium quality company when you make your purchase.

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