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Golf Clubs Irons – An Overview Of Irons

Golf clubs irons compromise the bulk of what you will carry in your golf bag. Therefore, it is important to know about them and what you should be looking for in a golf shop. If you are new to golf, read on for a brief overview of golf irons.

In most cases, a typical golf bag will compromise of a utility wood, a putter, a fairway wood, and a driver, and then the remaining ten will be irons. Some of these irons will be wedges. A standard set of irons would typically be three to Sand Wedge (3) or three to Pitching Wedge (PW). It is very rare to see 1 and 2 irons used nowadays. Some of the best professionals still have them in their bag, but apart from that, most people don’t use them. So, at the beginning of the spectrum you have the 3 iron. This has the lowest loft on the face of the iron, approximately 20 degrees to the vertical. This means that it will hit the ball long and low. A good player can expect to hit the ball around 200 yards. At the other hand, you have a SW or a PW, the former with a loft of 56 degrees and the latter with a loft of 50 degrees. The same player would hit the ball around 100 yards with one of these irons, but they can hit the ball higher. In between, you then have the 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, and 9 iron, which are designed to make up the gaps. Generally, there is about a 15 yards between each iron.

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