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Golf Clubs – Buying The Best Club For Your Game


Golf clubs are quite obviously essential to the game of golf. But any experienced golfer can also tell you that getting the right equipment is vital to your game and can make all the difference when turning pars into birdies. It’s not just the psychological effect of having a new driver in your toolkit: having a good range of irons can significantly shrink your handicap. But manufacturers are constantly improving their technology and advice on what clubs will best improve your game is constantly changing. Given the complexity of the decision you’re faced with at the golf shop, how can you make an educated decision about which clubs to buy?


Don’t Overestimate Yourself At The Golf Shop


The sad truth is that you are not Tiger Woods. You are however, one of three things. If you shoot 80 to 90, you are intermediate. This is the broadest category of golfer and basically covers anyone who is neither a beginner nor an advanced player. This latter category encompasses those who consistently break 80 and is in actual fact only around 5% of the golfing population. These categories aren’t entirely scientific, but should help determine what sort of golf clubs or golf putters you should go for. Beginners obviously need most help, and this actually means less equipment. People tend to go all-in when they start a new hobby, but the reality is that you only need a few solid, good golf clubs to get you started. Perhaps try a club that is weighted to improve stability, or one that comes with adjustable features. TaylorMade make a lot of good drivers, such as the R1, perfectly suited to beginners. As an intermediate, you can take your pick from a larger variety of clubs, but it is a good idea to focus on forgiveness. You’re looking for misses that stay in bounds and you’ll want to ask the golf shop which of their irons are most forgiving. As an advanced player you will still want to look at forgiveness, but you are also able to play irons that have a good mix of perimeter weighting with more traditional blade design, perhaps a good Callaway golf club. Beginner or advanced, it is good to know your skill level so that your golf shop can help you make the right choice.


Find Top Golf Clubs By Knowing Your Needs


In a traditional set of top golf clubs, three woods and eight irons is the go-to configuration. All this has changed in recent times, though, and you might want to consider getting yourself custom-fit for irons. This process can tell you a lot about your game that you might not have realised and could help you make a better decision about the range of golf clubs on sale. For example, most golfers play with a shaft that is way too stiff, without even realising it. This degree of specification and distinction is also important in finding the right golf shop. Golf shops that categorise and distinguish between clubs extensively are often those which can help you choose the best golf club. Look for a range of clubs and options that differentiate between factors like bounce, loft, putter length, shaft flex and shaft type. If you are a beginner, you might feel that such technicalities can hardly effect your game of golf in too drastic a way. But they can: shaft stiffness can have a big impact on the way you play. If you cannot feel where the club head is at during your swing, this means that your golf club’s shaft might be too stiff. Consequently, you might find yourself consistently attempting and failing to get that one shot where everything just comes together. Knowing your level and knowing your needs is essential to finding a good club, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to a golf shop that can make the most of this information. Foremost Golf is just the shop.


Golf Clubs And More Available At Foremost Golf


Foremost Golf is a golf shop that offers the finest range of golf clubs on the market. Once you have decided your level and your needs, we can really get to grips with this information to find you the perfect golf club. More than this, we can advise if you are still unsure of your needs and specifications. We have an extensive range that is sorted according to shaft type and flex and other important indicators. Head to and check out our site. You can also call +44 (0) 800 500 3194 or email us at

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