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Golf Drivers – What You Need To Know To Make The Right Purchase


Golf drivers were known as ‘woods’ for much of the history of golf because they were of course made of wood. They are still referred to as woods, but they are now made of steel and titanium. The ‘1 wood’, what we call the driver, has the biggest head of any club in the bag, and commonly the largest hitting area as well. While golfers debate the importance of the modern driver, there has been a huge amount of money spent on driver technology in recent decades. Accordingly, it’s often the most expensive club in your bag, and so your purchase at the golf shop needs to be well-considered. Here’s what to think about when buying.


Material And Model At The Golf Shop


The driver is the big guy you use off the tee on long holes and so it has a big head to give you that much-needed distance. The aim of the driver is to hit the ball as far as you can down the fairway, and so the material of the head is an important consideration. Basically, all drivers that are manufactured today have heads made of titanium. Titanium is a lot lighter than steel and this means that manufacturers can make a huge big head which has a large sweet spot. Definitely look for a titanium driver. Callaway golf drivers are often the best, and they have very thin faces, which means that the club ‘gives’ only very slightly on impact, pushing the ball further. That brings us on to perhaps the most important question you might be asking yourself. When you are looking for golf drivers or golf bag you will doubtlessly want to know which the best model is. Obviously, all manufacturers claim that their drivers are the longest and most forgiving in their category. The reality is that you probably want to be looking at a modern driver from some of the top manufacturers only. Callaway produce great titanium drivers, but TaylorMade golf drivers are also fantastic, as are Ping, Titleist and Mizuno’s clubs. Which brand you choose will ultimately come down to a combination of budget, look and feel and of course brand loyalty. But once you have sorted out the basics of material and model, or even as a precursor to this decision, there are a few specifics worth mentioning.


The Golf Club Driver And A Few Other Considerations


Manufacturers now offer a choice of ‘Offset’, ‘Draw’ and ‘Neutral’ options. When looking at a new golf club driver, it is worth considering why. Many golfers slice or fade the ball, which happens when the club face is more ‘open’ than it needs to be when you strike the ball. Some manufacturers try to compensate for this by putting weight inside the club head, normally tungsten, in a position which will keep the club more closed at impact. Draw, Neutral and Fade basically refers to the placing of this weight from left to right. Some manufacturers like TaylorMade with their latest golf drivers allow you to change the weighting yourself, which is something to bear in mind if you want a variety of playing possibilities. Buying this sort of club might be costlier, but essentially means that you’re getting three drivers in one. Shape is another big consideration. Nike were the first to move away from the traditionally-shaped driver, which sparked a range of shapes being considered by manufacturers. The idea of a square head is quite simple: it moves weight to the perimeters and aids in the alignment of tee shots. A square driver is more popular nowadays, and probably the best bet. Loft is another thing to think about. This refers to the angle of the driver face. Lower lofts have lower trajectories but go further in the hands of strong golfers. There’s a lot to mull over when buying a new driver, and it’s essential to find a golf shop like Foremost Golf which offers a comprehensive range.


Find The Best Golf Drivers At The Number One Golf Shop, Foremost Golf


Because of the complexity of modern golf drivers, a golf shop that offers a vast range of options really can help your game. At Foremost Gold, we pride ourselves on our far-reaching range. We offer a variety of drivers from big names like TaylorMade and Callaway, at a fraction of the price you might find them elsewhere. To see our array for yourself, check out our website at If you have any questions for us about our golf drivers, call us on +44 (0) 800 500 3194 or email us at We’re always happy to help you choose the perfect gear for your game.

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