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Golf Irons UK – Types Of Irons

Golf irons UK are widely available, and it is important to choose the right irons so they have a positive impact on your game. This is especially the case when you consider that golf irons make up most of the clubs that are found in your golf bag. Thus, read on to discover more about the two types of irons that are available.

The two options you have at your disposal when buying irons are cast irons and forged irons in golf shop. Let’s take a look at the former option first. A cast iron involves liquid metal being poured into a mould. Because of this, cast irons can be created into more complicated and intricate designs, giving the manufacturer more flexibility. Because of this, cast irons are better suited to irons that are perimeter weighted and multi material. A lot of people prefer these irons because they are cheaper than forged irons. This is because the casting process is cheaper and easier, and thus the savings are passed onto the consumer. So what about forged irons? The process for creating a forged iron involves the metal being sunk into a rough shape, after which it is hammered so that the desired shape is achieved. After this, milling, grinding and polishing takes place to ensure that the carbon steel clubhead is finished properly. What you end up with a solid iron that is ideal for those who place more emphasis on the ability to control trajectory and shape shots. There is a reduced sweet spot yet a higher feel with forged irons.

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