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Golf Putters On Sale – Shaft Lengths To Consider

Golf putters on sale come in different designs and with varying shaft lengths in different golf shop. The latter is what we are concerned with in this post. Finding the right length putter is paramount importance. It needs to be right for your stroke and your height if you are to produce high quality strikes and consistent putting. Read on to find out more.

It is vital to recognise that this is measure from the top of the shaft down to the sole of the putter, which is below the hosel. In terms of maximum and minimum limit, there is no maximum, but rules state that you cannot have a putter that has a shaft smaller than 18 inches long. Most people tend to opt for golf putters between 32 and 36 inches; these are known as traditional length shafts. One of the main benefits associated with this type of shaft is that you can give the ball a roll that is as true as possible because it improves your ability to utilise a pendulum-like stroke. Next we have the Belly Putter, which is between 41 and 46 inches. These have grown in popularity as of late. The reason why they are so popular is that they can completely change the posture of the player, thus generating more stability. Nevertheless, you do need to be mindful because anchored putting or belly putting methods are illegal in competitions, although the putter itself is not. The least common of the three is the long putter, which is between 48 and 52 inches.

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