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Golf Putters UK – FAQ About Golf Putters

Golf putters UK based: if you are looking for a putter, and it is your first time buying one, you will no doubt have a few questions. Below, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about golf putters, such as how much should I spend? And what is an insert face putter?

Firstly, how much should I pay for a putter? Unfortunately, there is no set price for the best putters. They do differ in price considerably, and it’s all about finding the balance between quality and cost efficiency. Anything around the £100 mark is advised if you’re looking for a high quality putter. If you go for something that costs less than £50, you will simply be wasting your money, as the quality is almost certainly going to be poor. Who needs a putter with an insert face? The putter face you require is determined by your playing style. A lot of people prefer this type of putter because it helps them to judge the pace and distance for improved consistency. But what is the purpose of the loft on a putter? Well, all putters have a loft, which is usually between three and five degrees, so it is very small compared to the likes of irons. The reason for this loft is simply to ensure the ball rolls along the correct line. Does the type of shaft I buy in golf shop matter? It really does! You need to ensure the shaft is the right length for your height and playing style while the material it is made of is just as important. Steel is widely considered the best choice, as it is responsive yet hard.

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