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Golf Putters – A Guide To Buying A Good Putter


Golf putters are probably the most used club in any golfer’s bag. There is also little doubt that the most amount of stress in the everyday golfer’s game is caused by putting. Plenty of fantastic golfing careers have been abruptly ended after their fiftieth three-putt and there is little to match the frustration of repeatedly missing the hole. But like elsewhere in golfing technology, science has come a long way towards helping us in our game. Since golf’s beginnings, putters have been reinvented and there is plenty to consider when buying your new putter at the golf shop. Here are some things to consider when shopping around.


The Types Of Putter And Heads At The Golf Shop


There are two main types of golf putters that you’ll find at the golf shop. The first is called a toe balanced putter. These types of putters will be much more likely to open and close in your stroke. They are therefore much better for players who have an arc in their stroke. Face balanced putters are a different deal altogether. They are better suited to players who have a straight stroke when they putt. This is because they open less on your backswing and they close a little less when you follow-through. If you are looking for a face balanced putter, you will often find yourself with something like an Odyssey golf putter. There is also a great deal of variation in the putter head design. The original putter is the blade type putter. They were most popular throughout the 20th century until about 20 years ago, but you can still see them on the green today. They are generally suited to players with a straight stroke for use on faster greens. Peripheral weighted putters were the next step in the development of the blade putter and were made famous by Ping golf putters. They offer more consistency and forgiveness and they are traditionally toe-balanced. Mallet putters are even more forgiving and take after the larger heads in driver design. They simply give you more size and will help you align better when putting. Those are only a few things to consider in head design, and there is even more at stake with the shaft.


The Shafts Of Golf Putters On Sale


When you are searching for golf putters or golf club on sale, you need to bear in mind the right head design for you, but also the specifications of the shaft. The best golf putter will be one that suits your grip and stroke perfectly. They usually have steel shafts. This makes for a strong and consistent feel to your grip. You can choose a heel shafted, a hosel offset, or a centre shafted putter. There is great debate as to which of the three is best, but the terms basically refer to the point at which the shaft connects to the head. In a heel shafted club, it, as you might have guessed, connects at the heel nearest the golfer. The centre shafted putter connects in the middle and the hosel offset provides a certain amount of offset, in order to draw your hands ahead of the ball during impact. There are also considerations of length. A traditional length shaft is the shortest and allows you to follow through with a kind of pendulum type stroke. The belly putter has become more popular in recent years. With this length you can essentially anchor the putter against your body. This means that your posture need not change when putting. Long putters, above 48 inches, are the least seen type of length and these putters require you to completely change your grip. As you can see, there is a lot to consider. That’s why it is important to choose a shop, one like Foremost Golf, which offers all the variations available to you in the putting world.


Foremost Golf Stocks The Best In Golf Putters


A wide range of choice is key to a good golf shop. Nowhere is that more important than when choosing the right golf putters. At Foremost Golf, we provide you with a range of choice when it comes to shaft type and length, and to the head design of your putter. We stock all the most trusted brands like Callaway and Odyssey at discounted prices, so that you can buy quality at a reasonable cost. If you want to find out more, please visit If you would like to talk to us directly, you can call +44 (0) 800 500 3194 or you can send us an email at

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