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Golf Shoes – The Best Golf Shoes For You


Golf shoes might not be your absolutely top priority, as you’ll probably need some clubs first. Make no mistake, though, golf shoes can also be incredibly important to your game. They are commonly designed with spikes on the bottom, so that they give you the best traction when you are walking on potentially slippery terrain. They can also help with your swing and are designed to aid walking in the hilly terrains of golf courses. They are also comfortable, allowing you to play for longer. But at the golf shop, what do you need to know when purchasing of a new pair of golf shoes?


The Best Thing For Your Feet At The Golf Shop


The best thing for your feet at the golf shop is being a clued-up consumer. You need a clear understanding of what to look for when purchasing your shoes, as this is undoubtedly the best move for your feet. Golf shoes come in a variety of types and with a variety of features, so a brief introduction is necessary. Material is perhaps the most important and most obvious consideration. Leather has always been a popular choice for golf shoes, probably because it is largely waterproof, but also breathable in hot summer months. Leather golf shoes are often high quality, but have the price tag to match. Synthetic leathers are cheaper but might not offer quite the same quality level. Gore-Tex is thick and heavily waterproof, but is still very breathable. It can get quite hot however, and might not be the best choice for sticky days. Polyester is thinner, lighter and a lot cheaper but doesn’t always offer the same quality. Another thing to consider, especially with designer golf shoes, is the type of shoe. Are they traditional shoes, more durable boots or even breathable, warm weather golf sandals? Even when you buy golf shoes online you should look at spikes. These used to be made with metal, but are now banned on most golf courses. Plastic has been the replacement material, and this means that spikes are also more easily changeable when they break. When shopping for golf shoes, it is important to consider all this, but also to find a shop that offers a range covering all these options.


Buy Golf Shoes From A Trusted Brand To Help Your Game


The most sought-after golf shoe is one that is comfortable and offers a good grip, while keeping your feet completely dry. It is this last point that often proves the deal breaker for a lot of shoes. It might not directly influence your swing, but there is nothing worse than trudging around with soggy feet. As the old golfing proverb goes, ‘take care of your feet and they will take care of your game.’ When you buy golf shoes, dry feet should be one of your priorities, as this is where a lot of good shoes let down their golfers. FootJoy classic golf shoes are consistently rated as one of the leading brands in this department, and you should make sure the golf shop you are looking at stocks a good deal of Footjoy brand shoes. Nike and Adidas are other two brands that a shop needs to stock in order to be taken seriously. Leading brands aren’t just about the label, though. The biggest names in golf shoes and golf clothing have become successful for a reason. Not only this, but these leading brands have spent considerable time and money on improving their technology, which in turn improves your game. The Nike Lunar Control IV shoe, for example, offers you the best example of modern soft spike spider technology. Alternatively, the Ecco Ladies Biom Hybrid provides the latest in waterproofing science in a sleek design. These developments are available only in the most acclaimed brands, and all these shoes and more can be found at Foremost Golf.


Search For Reasonably Priced Golf Shoes Today At Foremost Golf


Foremost Golf is a golf shop that stocks all of the leading brands in golf shoes. These brands are the top of their game and are designed to improve yours too. We stock a wider range than other golf shops on the market, and we offer deals which will not only improve your swing, but save stress on your wallet too. Our range covers all materials and types of shoes, allowing you a truly full range of choice. Find us at, check out our premium range and if you have any enquiries, please call on +44(0)800 500 3194 or email

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