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Ladies Golf Irons


Ladies Golf Irons – Knowing The Right Irons To Use

Ladies golf irons are not necessarily made any different to men’s golf irons; you can still purchase the same ones in a golf shop. However, as men are generally able to generate more power than women because of their bigger frame, you will need to choose your irons for your shots with care. Read on to find out more.

To determine what iron you should use, you need to know about the average distance for a woman when using each of the irons. So, let’s begin with the two most popular wedges, the Sand Wedge (SW) and the Pitching Wedge (PW). The latter will be found in the vast majority of iron sets. On average, 80 yards is the distance for a shot using a Sand Wedge while 90 yards is the distance for a shot using a Pitching Wedge. After this, you have all of irons from the 9 iron down to the 2 iron. The average distance for a 9 iron is 100 yards, it’s then 110 yards for an 8 iron, 120 yards for a 7 iron, 130 yards for a 6 iron, and 140 yards for a 5 iron. In general, women hit the ball at a distance of 20 yards less than men, so this should give you an idea about difference regarding iron choice. For example, while you will use a 6 iron for a 130 yard shot, a man will most likely choose and 8-iron. In regards to the smaller irons, for instance, the 4-iron, this is for 150 yards, but you may want to consider using a hybrid instead. 2 and 3 irons are not recommended, and a hybrid should be used in their place.

Now you know a little more about ladies golf irons and choosing the right ones. From Callaway to Nike, we sell irons from all of the best brands at Foremost Golf. Start shopping by heading to We don’t only have an online golf shop, but we have more than 950 stores nationwide.