Lynx Junior Driver - Silver - Height: 59cm - 67cm (Age 11 - 14)

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Brand: Lynx Golf
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Product Overview

Hit the golf ball further, faster & straighter off the tee with the Lynx Junior Driver for junior golfers aged 11-14.


  • Oversized club head
  • Forged Titanium Matrix construction
  • Standard graphite shaft
  • Junior flex
  • Colour co-ordinated head cover


How To Measure - To find out what colour group clubs you will need.

Measure 27cm from the floor, from that point, get the junior to stand with their back against the wall with their arms straight by their side. Measure in cm from their fingertips to the 27cm point. The result you get will fall into one of the colour categories below. 


• Light Blue 2 + Height 27cm - 35cm 
• Dark Blue 4 + Height 35cm - 43cm
• Green - Height 43cm - 51cm
• Red - Height 51cm - 59cm
• Silver - Height 59cm - 67cm


If the juniors fingertips cross the boundary between two colour groups, we recommend that you select the colour option above. If you have any questions please call us on 0800 500 3194