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Mens Golf Clothing Sale – A Guide To Layering

Mens golf clothing sale: is this something you are looking to shop in? Before you do, it is important to recognise how crucial it is to consider your purchases with care. After all, the golf clothing you choose in a golf shop is going to have a direct impact on your performance and how comfortable you feel. Read on to find out more.

There have been a lot of advancements in golf clothing over the years, as manufacturers have taken advantage of the new fabric technologies that are available to them. One thing you need to know if you are to dress effectively for golf is how to layer effectively. It is generally considered that three layers are optimal when playing golf. These consist of a base layer, followed by a mid layer, which will either be a cool or warm layer, and then finally, the shell layer. Base layers are worn close to the skin and they have the purpose of ensuring moisture is removed from the skin. Base layers that have been designed for golfers also ensure that you have the correct conditions to swing more freely and thus perform at a higher level. Next, we have the mid layer, and the purpose of this layer is to ensure your temperature is regulated. If the weather is warm, you need a layer that is designed to keep you cool. However, if the weather is cold, then you need to provide your body with added thermal insulation. Finally, the outer layer is the shell that is designed to protect you from wind, rain and other outside elements.

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