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Mizuno JPX 900 Hybrid

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Brand: Mizuno
SKU: MIZ53460
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Given that most golfers turn to hybrids to replace their long irons, Mizuno has fully committed to making the JPX900 easier to strike like an iron, but with the safety net of a hybrid, so you'll find a great mix of control, forgiveness and power.  More details
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Product Information

Mizuno JPX 900 Hybrid


The JPX900 – Mizuno’s first adjustable hybrid - has been built like a wood to play like an iron, sharing much of the same technology as the fairway wood: the energy-creating Shockwave Sole that also places extra mass low in the club for added playability from the turf, and the Quick Switch system that allows loft adjustments to a range of 4 degrees.


Designed to play more like a long iron, the JPX900’s face sits more like an iron than in Mizuno’s previous hybrids, while the club is set up a little shorter and flatter than previously to work especially well for players who normally hook their hybrids.


“Most people use hybrids to replace their longer irons so we fully committed to making the JPX900 more of a long iron replacement,” says Tetsu Kanayama, R&D Director at Mizuno. “We’ve made a number of little changes that make it easier to strike like an iron, but with the safety net of the wood-style body attached.”  

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