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Mizuno S5 Blue Golf Wedge

Brand: Mizuno
Mizuno S5 Blue Golf Wedge

Mizuno S5 Blue Golf Wedge

Larger profile and shot making style...

The Mizuno S5 Wedge looks sensational and offers exceptional performance around the greens. It is designed to offer improved feel on solid striking and generate additional spin control via the CNC Groove System.

Take your short game to a new level with Mizuno!

The Technology

The rear of the head features a Central Hexagon Channel which is specifically developed to lower the weight of the club to a more focused position. This increases feel and encourages a snappier connection no matter the length of the strike.

The size of the head is also enlarged on similar wedge releases from Mizuno (MP-T5) which aids control and stability, especially on full swing and flop shots. The larger head also matches seamlessly to users of Mizunos cavity back irons making it a natural choice for current Mizuno fans.

The milled grooves are Quad Cut CNC which vary in depth depending on the loft which relevantly impacts on the available shot usage. In other words, different lofts will be conditioned to manage the spin reflectively on each wedge.

The wedge is designed to offer dynamism and predictability to shot making around the green. The lower lofts in the series feature a smaller heel to toe grind which enables better manipulation of the face for true versatile use.


The S5 is available in a stunning Blue IP finish that adds a completely unique and classy look. The standard satin finish is also attractive for golfers that prefer a more traditional club look.

It comes with lofts varying between 50 and 60 degrees to suit whatever wedge need is required. The S5 is also available in both steel (Dynamic Gold XP115) and graphite (Mizuno Orochi) depending on individual preference.

It is finished with a Golf Pride M-31 360 grip which is tour practised to offer excellent touch and feel on short lobs.

Summary of Features:

  • Central Hexagon Channel for precise lowered weighting
  • Larger head for versatile striking
  • Available in optional Blue styling with varying lofts
  • Available in either Steel or Graphite Shaft
  • Milled grooves are Quad Cut CNC
  • Golf Pride M-31 360 Grip

The Mizuno S5 Wedge will add class in appearance and performance to your golf bag. It is ideally suited for mid to low handicappers striving for creative flair.

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