Motocaddy M1PRODHC Electric Golf Trolley

Brand: Motocaddy
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Product Information

Motocaddy M1PRODHC Electric Golf Trolley 



Warranty Information:
The manufacturer's warranty covers purchases within the UK and Ireland only. Customers who purchase this trolley from outside the UK & Ireland will not be covered for warranty in their country. They will need to return the trolley back to us in to the UK for repairs & services at their cost.

Also note that as the trolley is being sold from a UK retailer, it will come with a UK Charger lead. If you want to use the trolley in Europe you will need to have the correct European Adaptor to charge the battery.

The trolley and charger are covered by a 24 month warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects that occur during normal use. Any breakage caused by accidental damage or as a result of abuse or misuse (as set out in the relevant manual) or commercial use is not covered. 

Motocaddy Lithium batteries are covered by a separate 5 Year Full Warranty. For the full five year warranty to apply, the battery must be registered at within 45 days of purchase. If the battery is not registered, the warranty period is 2 years

Battery Warranty Information:
Due to logistical restrictions we are unable to collect any lithium batteries. In the event of an issue with your lithium battery it will need to be returned to your local Motocaddy Service Centre for diagnosis. 
The link will directly take you to the Motocaddy Service Centre Locator. For Trolleys purchased outside UK or Ireland, we will not be able to collect any faulty battery. Customer will need to resolve the problem locally & it will not be covered under warranty as per restrictions stated above.

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