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Odyssey Golf Putters – Different Types Of Putters

Odyssey golf putters have long been some of the most popular in the industry and different golf shop. In fact, the brand was acquired by Callaway in 1997. However, due to the popularity of these golf putters, they are still marketed under the same name. Before you go ahead and purchase your Odyssey putters, there is one thing you need to decide, and this is what type of putter you are going to go for.

Generally speaking, you have two different types of putters to choose from; toe balanced putters and face balanced putters. Let’s begin by taking a look at the former. If you were to balance the shaft of a toe balanced putter on your finger, the toe would point towards the ground. What this means is that the gravity centre is not straight below the axis of the shaft. Because of this, these putters are better suited to players who have an arc in their putting stroke, as these putters will open and close during the stroke. On the other hand, you have face balanced putters. Again, if you were to balance this putter on your finger, the face would face upwards. This means that the centre of gravity is directly below the shaft axis. These putters are ideal for anyone who has a straight putting stroke, as they close less on the follow-through and open less on the backswing. It is worth pointing out that there are a lot of putters that fall in between the two.

Foremost Golf is pleased to have a broad assortment of Odyssey golf putters for you to choose from. No matter the type of putter you require or the budget you are shopping within, you will find exactly what you need when searching our online golf shop. Simply head to to get started.