PGA Tour Indoor and Outdoor Putting Mat

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What better way to perfect your putting than on this smooth and challenging PGA Tour Mat? With two hazards to avoid and a PGA Tour flag marked cup, all you’ll need to do is roll the ball straight and true up the ramp and into the goal. Then the ball channel quickly returns your shot so you can putt again! Hours of fun practice in the office, home or anywhere.  More details
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Product Information

PGA Tour Indoor and Outdoor Putting Mat


  • Simulated grass mat
  • Unique gravity ball channel returns ball
  • Ramp develops firmness of stroke
  • Regulation sized cup
  • Bunker and water hazard help increase putting accuracy
  • Size 10x65 (25.4x198cm)
  • Target flag
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Weight 1.2Kg
  • 78 Inch Length
  • 1 foot long from ramp to hole
  • PGA DVD instructional videos
Picture of PGA Tour Indoor and Outdoor Putting Mat
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