PING Glide 2.0 Wedge

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Brand: PING
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PING Glide 2.0 Wedge Standard Spec Only - We strongly advise that to get the best from this product you are custom fitted by an expert PGA Professional. To find your nearest Foremost Professional and to book a custom fitting, call 0800 500 3194  More details
Availability: Foremost strongly advises that to get the best from this product, you are fitted by an expert PGA Professional who can advise you correctly to ensure your PING purchase is right for you. Call 0800 500 3194 for your nearest stockist or for any other advice.

Product Information

New, sharper-edged grooves are spaced closer together for increased friction, imparting more spin (up to 400 rpm in testing) for precise distance and trajectory control from full swings and finesse shots. The enhanced sole grinds and lead edges in the 431SS heads have been carefully crafted for exceptional surface interaction and versatility, gliding through the turf and sand to enable creativity in shot making.

Precision-milled grooves in the Glide 2.0 wedges vary by loft to optimize performance both for full shots into the green and partial, finesse shots around the green requiring more precise control. Lower-lofted wedges (46° to 52°) feature a 20° sidewall milled to maximize groove volume and have 1 additional groove compared to the original Glide. Higher-lofted options (54° to 60°) have 2 more grooves with a 28° sidewall and a tighter radius to impart more spin on partial shots. A hydropearl chrome finish repels moisture to reduce sole friction and prevent fliers.

In the Glide 2.0 wedges you can choose among four sole configurations to fit your attack angle, divot depth, and most common turf conditions. The SS Grind has an all-purpose mid-bounce sole with heel and trail edge relief to create versatility on touch shots around the green. It's ideal for moderate attack angles and divots. The WS Grind's full-sole design provides turf security if you have a steep angle of attack. The TS Grind, a PING WRX-inspired design based on the Tour-proven half-moon grind, facilitates shot making and precision from even the most difficult lies. The heel relief allows shots to be executed with an open face to difficult pins or from firm lies without fear of the lead edge sitting too high. The ES Grind was inspired by our Eye 2 wedge and its sole design delivers the ultimate in bunker performance, resulting from the classic dish profile along with the tapered hosel. A refined lead edge upgrades all-around performance with the iconic ES grind.

Like the Glide before it, the Glide 2.0 is engineered grip to sole. With our proprietary Dyla-Wedge grip (3/4 inch longer), a golfer can be a more versatile shot maker and achieve trajectory control on every shot. Reduced taper further enhances shot making. The custom-engineered AWT 2.0 Wedge shaft promotes lower launch with enhanced control, feel and stability, and is optimized in weight (118g), flex and balance.

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