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Scotty Cameron Technology


2015 Golo Range

Few sensory perceptions rival the satisfaction of a perfectly struck putt. And, with Scotty's innovative face-sole core technology engineered into each new GOLO putter, that sensation can be experienced with every roll. The GOLO family is a collection of Scotty's most forward-thinking design thoughts merged into a line that offers a variety of putter shapes and configurations to fit any player's game. Each model incorporates new multi-material, aircraft-grade aluminum and precision milled 303 stainless steel construction for improved MOI, increased stability and unbelievable forgiveness. The GOLO line melds Scotty’s affinity for high-performance putters with his decades-long reputation for classic putter design. 

Golo 3

Have you ever wondered how many putts you hit somewhere just outside the sweet spot? We all have. So, Scotty ruminated on the subject and came up with a solution to ensure that if you're a little off, it won't affect how your putt rolls. His new GOLO 3 is a modern, heel-shafted mid-mallet that employs the new GOLO line’s innovative aluminum and steel face-sole core technology to offer some forgiveness in a game that can be anything but. Advanced perimeter weighting integrated with aircraft-grade aluminum produces high MOI and delivers remarkable stability and forgiveness at impact. Isn’t technology beautiful?

Golo 5

Inspired by the GoLos that preceded it, most definitely. However, this GOLO 5 is so much more than inspired. It's, in a way, re-wired. With a new chassis, all-new bodywork and completely new engineering, the GOLO 5 is a marvel of modern putter making and another excellent expression of Scotty's pursuit of the Art of Putting. Pay special mind to the clean, single bend shaft that provides full topline visibility and aligns directly down the target line. Setup is a breeze with the gunmetal gray anodized face and pop-through flange sightline perfectly contrasted against the misted 303 stainless steel body. Inspiration meets execution for a putter that’s a proven performer.