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Set Of Golf Irons – How Many Irons Should I Purchase?

Set of golf irons is something that all golfers require to buy in golf shop. But how many clubs should there be in your set? This may seem like an extremely basic question, but it is something that a lot of players ponder, and it can be a bit more difficult than you may imagine.

Most irons tend to be sold in sets of up to nine. When you buy a set of golf irons, you will notice that they are all numbered. These numbers actually represent the loft of the club. Four represents the long irons in the set, as does two and three, although it is rare to see these irons nowadays, Five, six, and seven are the mid-irons in the group, and numbers eight and nine are short irons. Finally, you also have wedges, such as a Sand Wedge (SW), an Attack or Gap Wedge (AW or GW), and a Pitching Wedge (PW). So, do you need a set with nine irons? Not necessarily, in fact, most people tend to go for a set of four irons. It all depends on your level of experience and how good you are at playing golf. For example, a lot of the better players will buy anything from three to nine irons, but they will leave room for specialist wedges that they will choose to suit their games. If you are a weaker player or a beginner, it is probably better to choose a five iron to SW, which leaves room for utility clubs and fairway woods as opposed to the longer irons. If you are unsure regarding the selection that is right for you, don’t be afraid to ask a store assistant.

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