Stuburt Sport Tech Golf Shoe

Brand: Stuburt
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The  microfibre upper has memory characteristics that prevent your feet from swelling after hours of walking around the golf course, The microfibre used on the sport tech shoes is ultra-light, when this is combined with the extremely light outsole it makes the shoe one of the lightest golf shoes you can buy.

The revolutionary outsole design eliminates the need for a midsole, the comfort comes from the cleverly designed inner workings of the shoe, meaning comfort is not compromised. A 9 spike design including 4 spikes in the heel helps maintain grip as well as improved feel. The PINS , spike system is the latest development by softspikes to reduce height and bring the golfer 32% closer to the ground . This new insert system will provide golfers with the immediate feedback to develop a more consistent swing, providing balance, feel and lateral stability .

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