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Sunice Flexvent Technology

Flexvent technology from Sunice ensures extreme comfort and weather protection whilst on the course. It utilises the Gore-Tex Fabric formula that is perfect for ensuring breathability, durable wind protection and a lightweight construction.

Unlike many outdoor golfing attires, Flexvent offers totally unimpeded movement whilst remaining close to the body.


How does Gore-Tex Fabrics actually work?

It is a membrane that contains an estimated 1.4 billion microscopic pores per every square centimetre. Golfing scientist’s state these pores are thousands of times smaller than a droplet of water which ensures no penetration from outside the membrane.

Flexvent products come with a four year waterproof guarantee highlighting its durability and quality.

DWR (Durable Water Repellent Polymer) is integrated to the exterior meaning that water will run from the garment as oppose to lying dormant. This resolves a long standing annoyance in the golfing community when preparing to strike.

What really makes the technology stand out, it ensures that sweat and internal moisture is released through the surface to maintain dryness even under heavy perspiration. In essence it blocks ingress but encourages removal of unwanted moisture created by the body.

This hybrid activity offers the complete protective package for the wearer and eliminating the heavy weight associated with traditional outdoor clothing.



The design also features extreme stretch fabrics that ensure free movement at all times and aids the golfing swing as oppose to hindering it. Both internal and external layers work together for a seamless breathable motion with little restriction.

The fabric technology from Sunice is popular across the golfing world an utilised by a number of top professional players.

Add Flexvent products to your golfing wardrobe and experience extreme performance and protection.