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Sunice Zephal Technology

Worn across all the major professional tours, Zephal is the patented technology featuring the lightest stretch fabrics on the rainwear market. It is designed to combine extreme comfort and weather protection. The creators claim the fabric offers an enhanced range of motion, unrivalled in the golfing world.

Zephal is designed in 3 unique layers including the outer shell. This section is formulated to divert rain water and prevent puddles forming or penetrating. The middle shell features the Optimum Inner Micro Climate and Thermo Regulator for temperature control and versatile wear.

The outer membrane contains an estimated 1.4 billion microscopic pores per every square centimetre. Golfing scientist’s state these pores are thousands of times smaller than a droplet of water which ensures no penetration from outside the membrane.

The inner shell ensures that sweat and internal moisture is released through the surface to maintain dryness even under heavy perspiration. In essence it blocks ingress but encourages removal of unwanted moisture created by the body.



What sets this patented Sunice technology apart is incredible breathability and comfort. A built in stretch lining links seamlessly with the outer garment for unimpeded movement.

The technology is found exclusively in outdoor jackets suitably formatted for combating the harsh British climate.

All Zephal products come with a full 3 year water proof guarantee.

Add Sunice Zephal technology to your golfing wardrobe and find new levels of comfort and performance.