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TaylorMade Golf Ball


TaylorMade Golf Ball – Considering The Construction Of Golf Balls

TaylorMade golf ball products are available to purchase both online and in plenty of golf stores or golf shop around the country. Nevertheless, with so many options to choose from, it can often be difficult to know what type of ball to go for. One key thing you need to take into account is the construction of the ball. Read on for further details.

The most basic type of golf ball is a one-piece one, which is the least costly to produce. These balls are rarely used for playing. In fact, they are better suited to crazy golf courses, as well as driving ranges and any beginners who wish to get a bit of practice. The ball that is used by most ordinary golfers is the two-piece golf ball. This is typically made with a high-energy resin or acrylate, which is then covered with a robust and cut proof cover. This construction gives the two-piece ball more distance than any of the other options. You also have the option of a three-piece golf ball, which tends to have a core of liquid or solid rubber, and then a layer of liquid or enhanced rubber, finished off with a strong cover of either Urethane or Surlyn. These golf balls are popular with golfers who want more control over the flight of the ball, as they offer more spin and they are a lot softer. You then have a four-piece golf ball, which consists of solid rubber in the centre, and then an inner layer to transfer the energy, after which you have the middle cover and the final layer. Finally, five-piece balls have recently been developed, with TaylorMade being the first to bring these to the market in 2009.

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