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TaylorMade Golf Irons - FAQ About Golf Irons

TaylorMade golf irons are undoubtedly some of the most popular in the industry. For those who are unaware, TaylorMade is actually a subsidiary of the popular sports company, Adidas. They manufacture golf clubs, accessories and bags, and they have had a huge amount of success since they were founded in 1979.

Nevertheless, while TaylorMade is a brand that is held in high regard, if you have never purchased a golf iron in a golf shop before, or you are fairly new to the sport, you are bound to have a few questions. We aim to answer them in this post. After a round, I experienced some discomfort in my elbow, are there any irons that can help with this? You should look for irons that have been designed to lower club vibration, such as those featuring rubber or polymer inserts in the head. How do I tell the difference between midsize and oversize iron sets? In most cases, oversize irons have deeper cavities, very wide soles and a larger overall head size, so you should be able to notice the difference. What irons should I include in my set? This all depends on your level of experience and your ability. If you are unsure, don’t be afraid to ask a shop assistant. Most people start off on a basic iron set of a 4-iron to Pitcher Wedge. How much should I spend on golf irons? Again, this depends on your level of skill, as well as how much you play golf. There is no right or wrong answer, but don’t simply go for the cheapest set on the market. Quality is important.

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