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TaylorMade M1 Golf Fairway Wood

Brand: TaylorMade
This lightweight fairway has been designed with input from the TaylorMade Tour players. The two sliding weights on the Front Track system allow for comprehensive adjustability in terms of ball flight and the loft sleeve provides four degrees of play, meaning great versatility. Features and benefits of the TaylorMade M1 fairways include:

TaylorMade M1 Golf Fairway Wood

The entire M1 lined is designed to provide you with more ball speed, forgiveness and distance in what TaylorMade are calling the first-ever ‘unmetalwood’ family.

The M1 fairway wood gives you more control over your golf ball than ever before. It’s the most adjustable fairway wood in TaylorMade’s history with two 15g weights housed within a Front Track system to promote a draw or a fade. Having two weights instead of one also allows you to split them, thus increasing the clubs’ inertia and ultimately, providing more ball speed on mis-hits.

Key Features

  • Carbon Composite Crown shifts weight low for optimal launch and spin conditions
  • Front Track System with two sliding weights (15g each) for preferred shot shape ranging from draw – neutral – fade.
  • Adjustable Loft Sleeve with 12 positions +/- 2 degrees of loft
  • Available stock with Fujikura Pro 70 shaft in X, S, R & M flexes
  • Available Lofts: 3 (15.5º) , 3-HL (17º), 5 (19º)


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