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TaylorMade M2 Golf Irons

SKU: TMA3368
Brand: TaylorMade
TaylorMade M2 Golf Irons

TaylorMade M2 Golf Irons TaylorMade’s M2 irons are distance machines – engineered to fly farther AND higher than the competition. 

When we set out to design M2 irons, our focus was to achieve maximum distance without sacrificing the peak trajectory. The advanced materials and technologies that went into M2 irons enable the ball to not only go far, but high as well.

Because we were able to engineer irons that fly far AND high, M2 irons can deliver dramatic distance from every iron, for all golfers. This synergy of distance and height was accomplished through a unique combination of features and technologies.

Distance will get you to the green – but distance and height – will help you stay there. This is the key concept behind M2 Irons.

M2 Irons – Key Technologies

Thick-Thin Fluted Hosel

  • Removes 3 grams of extra mass trapped in the hosel. That weight is then distributed as low as possible throughout the head to lower the CG and promote higher launch and more ball speed.

360° Undercut

  • Expands the unsupported face area for more ball speed across the face. It also removes weight from the topline to create ultra-low CG. This allows for stronger lofts that maximize distance without sacrificing the high peak trajectory that results in long, playable shots from each iron.

Speed Pocket 

  • Increased flexibility due to an even thinner sole increases launch angle and preserves ball speed, improving forgiveness for shots struck below the center of the face. 

Thin Face with Inverted Cone Technology

  • Works in conjunction with the Speed Pocket to enable fast, consistent ball speeds across the face that push the limits of distance performance in an iron.

3D Sound & Feel System

  • A light but extremely stiff 3D-badge system that manages sound and eliminates unwanted vibrations for superior feel, giving golfers a pure feeling distance iron.

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