TaylorMade PSi Golf Irons

Brand: TaylorMade
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Product Information

TaylorMade PSi Golf Irons

Unrivalled Feel and Incredible Control…

Designed to meet the demands of experienced players, the TaylorMade PSI Irons take a new, innovative approach to providing talented player with superior feel.

Science behind the Technology

TaylorMade have incorporated a new ‘Dynamic Feel System’ that reduces vibration across the face; a vital component of a smooth, uncompromised swing. This allows for a more penetrating and directed connection for exciting results.

The successful Face Slot Technology is introduced at both the toe and heel of the head which offers an enlarged hitting area ideal for golfers striving for a more versatile blade. On address it adds confidence and improves overall crispness for the skilled player. This has been accomplished by improving the speed pocket, allowing the clubface to maximise launch precision and therefore a purer spin in flight. This pocket also ensures better results from shots below the centre of the clubface.

TaylorMade's brand new ‘cut-thru sole slot’ adds impressive ball speed to a club with such a compressed shape. The new 360° undercut lowers the centre of gravity to produce the optimal merging of trajectory and distance essential for quality players.         

The irons are complete with an ultra-thin face format which ensures supreme control, feel and great feedback on address. The face is flexible meaning it offers distance and shot making capabilities. The inverted Cone Technology is shaped behind the thin face to improve reliability and encourage better connection through impact. It works as a dynamo accelerating behind the ball to gain valuable extra club head speed. This works to solidify the strike so there is no loss of distance for the added level of control.

Summary of the TaylorMade PSI Irons:

  • Cut-Thru Speed Pocket offering distance and consistency, especially for shots struck low on the face
  • Face Slots – Improved distance and consistency on heel and toe shots
  • Multi-Material Damping System with HYBRAR material – Reduces vibration across the face
  • Tungsten weights in long irons and forged short irons – Allows you to create the ideal ball flight and distance gaps on the long irons; ultimate feel and control on the short irons
  • Precision Engineered Shaping – Provides a look designed for better players
  • Inverted Cone Technology – More ball speed and distance on off-center hits
  • Progressive Spec Package – Every club specifically designed to optimise performance for its role
  • Ultra-thin face – Provides you with surprisingly long distance
  • 360 Undercut – Optimal trajectory from all irons throughout the set
  • 1 year guarantee and C Taper 105 Steel Shafts
  • Stunning looking clubs to bring class to any bag


The PSI Irons provide a styling the better player desires. It’s important to feel comfortable standing over the ball; the classic lining and carefully-considered shaping give these irons the clean and precise look required. The shafts are available in both graphite and steel depending on preference.

In essence these irons are designed to offer a combination of forgiveness and control for experienced golfers searching for supreme accuracy. Add the revolutionary PSI Irons to your bag today with Foremost Golf and experience craft like never before.

Picture of TaylorMade PSi Golf Irons