TaylorMade RSI 1 Irons

Brand: TaylorMade
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Product Information

TaylorMade RSI 1 Irons

Bring down your Score with new Levels of Forgiveness…

The TaylorMade RSI 1 Irons are designed with the specific aim to increase performance for mid-range handicappers striving for greater forgiveness, increased length and improved sizzling launch. TaylorMade simply don’t build bad golf clubs and these are certainly no exception...

The Science

The gurus at TM have concluded that around 76% of all iron shots are ‘mishits’. With this in mind, they have taken a revolutionary approach to iron production; focusing exclusively on making the most of your bad shots and energising the sweet spot.

They have accomplished this by improving the speed pocket, allowing the clubface to maximise launch precision and therefore a purer spin in flight. This pocket also ensures better results from shots below the centre of the clubface. In essence, reducing the potential for topping on short iron play and maintain a degree of control.

The inverted Cone Technology is shaped behind the face to improve reliability and encourage better connection through impact. It works as a dynamo accelerating behind the ball to gain valuable extra club head speed. This ensures that there is no loss of distance for the added level of forgiveness.

The new Face Slot Technology is introduced at both the toe and heel of the head which offers an enlarged hitting area ideal for golfers striving for straightness. On address it adds confidence and improves overall crispness.

The irons are complete with an ultra-thin face format which ensures excellent control, feel and great feedback on address.

The Look

The RSI irons will add a sophisticated and sharp look to your golf setup. They bear a resemblance to the highly successful PING S55 Irons with sharp blade features and stunning rear inset.

A Reax 90 steel shaft is included offering a classy finish, it raises overall performance, control and closeness on striking.


The RSI 1 set of golf irons feature:

  • Face Slot Technology built into the 3-8 irons; offers complete continuity and regular striking on imperfect hits
  • Upgraded Speed Pocket with ThruSlot Technology. Increased launch angle on impact and improved ball speed
  • Adjusted Face Design with thin deep undercut and Inverted Cone Technology. This ensures maximum speed and consistent striking
  • Developed feel and sound through ball impact due to dampening system and new thinner face technology
  • New Reax 90 steel shaft from True Temper
  • Precision Groove Technology for better spin control, even from longer grass

Heavy testing has already demonstrated these irons will reduce your score and provide a consistent hitting platform for the wayward iron player. There is no compromise on distance or spin generation making this series much more than a short term fix.

Add the RSI 1 Irons to your bag today and find a new accuracy dimension to your game. At Foremost Golf we offer all the leading Iron brands at quality prices.

Did you know?

TaylorMade have released the RSI 2 Irons which offer many of the same features and styling as the 1 Series but aimed specifically for lower handicap players. Why not take a look?


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