Titleist 716 MB Golf Irons

Brand: Titleist
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Product Information

Titleist 716 MB Golf Irons

High Quality Iron Play for Top Golfers…

The Titleist 716 MB irons are market leading blades offering extreme playability and shot making, ideal for the experienced golfer.

Designed using a combination of player input and high tech CAD modelling, 716 MB irons deliver a pure, forged, muscle back feel.

The irons feature a precise, high muscle design with a squarer toe, thin top line and pre-worn leading edge for maximum shot control and spin generation.

The Science

The 716 Irons utilise an extreme high density tungsten weighting to position the centre-of-gravity low and perfectly aligned at impact for more speed with Tour-proven trajectory and control. This new centre of gravity adds significant forgiveness, almost unheard of in a Tour tested blade profile.

The Irons offer a wider and fuller sole with a blunt leading edge. This allows for a smoother connection with the turf and more predictability in flight. The traditional design maintains a sallow cavity with an inner cavity ‘muscle’ directly behind the impact area. This generates more speed on connection for superior control and distance.

They are designed to allow easy shot making under pressure with carefully milled grooves for precise spin control, particularly on short and medium iron play. The construction of the irons is solid steel for durability and strength throughout the swing.

The minimal progressive offset head, combined with the traditional blade length ensures full control through the swing.

The clubs are complete with a True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 steel shaft. This is specifically chosen to offer a lower, penetrating flight preferred by the top players.

The look

The 716 Irons are stunning to view; featuring the classic blade style made famous by Titleist. The elegant satin finish is preferred by many skilled player and the Golf Pride Velvet Grip simply maintains the vibe of quality.

Titleist 716 Summary:

  • Tour-proven flight from the high muscle design
  • Precise, Tour-proven trajectory through the set from the optimised CG progression
  • Precise turf performance with less dig from the pre-worn leading edge
  • Solid forged feel

Add the Titleist 716 Irons to your bag for 2016 and find a new level of shot making performance. Here at Foremost Golf we supply all the leading brands of tour tested irons at fantastic rates. Take a look around!

Did you know?

If you are looking for a cavity back blade option, why not consider the Titleist 716 CB Irons? 

Picture of Titleist 716 MB Golf Irons
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