Titleist 816 H2 Hybrid

Brand: Titleist
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Product Information

Titleist 816 H2 Hybrid

Distance, Control and Incredible Workability…

The Titleist 816 H1 and H2 Hybrid clubs are specifically designed to aid long game shot making. They are installed with the latest technologies Titleist bring to the table for awesome performance and consistent, balanced results.

The Science

The Hybrids are technically very advanced for small metals with an Active Recoil Channel positioned along the sole of the clubhead. This generates additional speed on impact for a lower more precise strike with reduced spin. It introduces significant extra distance to your game without reducing control. It acts as an absorber, throwing back the pace given to it.

The new Ultra-Thin Face works with the ARC to project speed across the entire clubface for an instant reaction and spring on the ball. It is thinnest face ever developed by Titleist. Despite the incredible thin face, vibrations are kept to a minimum and the connection sounds exceptional.

The Centre of Gravity is reduced, set lower and forward for immediate control and perfect connection on a more regular basis. This revised position leads to explosive launch from the face with reduced backspin and improved acceleration.

The Clubs also includes adjustable hosel and weight technology (brands own SureFit) which provides tremendous versatility and shot making as expected in leading hybrid clubs. Combined with the new leading sole edge, it acts wonderfully through the turf, parting the grass as oppose to ripping it for a more considerate and accurate hit.

The overall design of the club is formatted to make precision easy. They are attractive on address and allow ball striking to be a pleasure; lightweight on swing and smooth through the ground with a comforting snap on impact.

The Style

The H2 Hybrid is designed to have a larger than average face that is finished off with a grey crown and PVD sold. This hybrid comes with a stylish headcover and can add style to any golf bag.

The design also makes the surface highly durable and resists chips and scuffs to an excellent level.

The 816 is complete with a stylish and tour proven Diamana S+ Blue 70 Graphite Shaft. It offers stability through the strike for extra punch and more yardage without throwing the ball off centre. It also comes in a variety of stiffness options depending on your game. 

Club Summary

  • Features Active Recoil Channel which assists in delivering more distance
  • Ultra-Thin Face Technology
  • Diamana S+ Blue 70 Graphite Shaft
  • Larger developed head structure for better launch and control
  • SureFit Tour adjustable hosel
  • SureFit weight technology
  • High MOI design and lowered COG
  • Stunning head format to improve the look of all golf bags
  • Includes designer head cover
  • The Hybrids are available in 5 lofts

Order a new H2 Titleist Hybrid today at Foremost Golf and be amazed at the shot making capabilities from a long way back. The club is suitable for medium handicappers who will feel the benefit on tight fairways and add valuable yardage to your game.

Join the Titleist party today at Foremost Golf and play better golf in 2016.  

Picture of Titleist 816 H2 Hybrid